System requirements

Operating system: OS X, Linux, Windows
Java Runtime version 1.5+
Plenty of main memory

Download AnnoLab

Here you can download the latest version of AnnoLab.

AnnoLab is current heading towards the release 0.5.1. The aims for this release are a proper documentation and removing cruft. The usual amount of bug-fixing will also to into the release. Currently the documentation is lacking in important parts.

For bug-reports, question and comments, feel free to contact me at eckart {:AT:}

Download UIMA PEARs

The UIMA support within AnnoLab is a work-in-progress, so using PEARs from third parties may or may not work for you. This is in particular because of the mapping between UIMA and XML that AnnoLab does. To use 3rd party PEARs you will most probably have to supply a custom mapping. You may find some information on doing that in the manual. Otherwise you can search for the file defaultMapping.xml within the UIMA plug-in for examples.

There are more PEARs that I can currently not make available due to unclear licensing issues. I am working on resolving those.

Your browser may try to open the PEAR directly in the browser window and you will see garbage. Try right-clicking on the link and use "Save as..." to download the files.